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Dress Rings

By On February 6, 2012 Under Dress Rings

diamond ring Glossop

We have an enormous selection of diamond and coloured gemstone rings for our customers to choose from in both Platinum, Palladium and Gold.

Whether you are looking for an engagement ring, eternity ring or dress ring we have something to suit all hands, tastes and pockets!

From stunning traditional designs to exquisite more modern pieces, to give you endless pleasure and certainly plenty of compliments!

We also have a huge range of loose stones of all shapes and sizes, many of which are certified.

Diamonds are as unique as you are.

To help describe their individual characteristics jewellers throughout the world categorise diamonds in terms of the 4 Cs – cut, clarity, colour, and carat. Diamonds with the highest combination of the 4 C’s are more rare and therefore more valuable.


black diamond ring Glossop

18ct white gold white and black diamond ring 1.54ct £1650

18ct white gold white and black diamond ring Glossop

18ct White gold white and black round diamond ring 1.08ct £1350







white gold diamond ring Glossop

18ct white gold wide fancy diamond ring 2.92ct £2995

18ct heart ring Glossop

18ct white gold heart shaped ring 0.53ct £1015

dress rings manchester

18ct white gold wide invisably set diamond ring 1.81ct £2295

dress rings cheshire

Dress ring


















View our selection of  Wedding Rings here and Solitaire Diamond Rings here.

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